How to Unite

In general, our era has two distinct movements: a movement towards matter, materialism, existential concerns … and another towards heaven, the spiritual, the essential concerns … This has probably been the case since the beginning of humanity, in varying proportions, some epochs being dominated by spiritual tendencies and others by material ones. The peculiarity of ours is a growing divide between these two movements.

The materialistic and technological world is evolving towards a more and more thorough search for control over all the dimensions of material life and tends to stifle the expressions of the Consciousness and the Spirit. This comes to a point where one can practically speak of a technocratic dictatorship, particularly with the arrival of RFID implants promoted in a growing and blatant way by the mainstream media.

In contrast, resistance to oppression seeks to organize, but so far in very scattered order. It is often animated by an ideal of one order or another, by a faith of religious inspiration or directly from the consciousness, or by the more or less confused sensation that this world is derailing or is running into a wall.

If thought is creative, it can materialize a project only if this one is sufficiently supported and followed from one end of the chain of manifestation, from the mental plane of origin, to its concrete realization. When it comes to an individual creation, the creator must therefore be sufficiently concentrated and persevere from the initial idea and its planning until the finalization of the creation into the material plane, by going through a sufficient will or desire to see the idea incarnate. In the case of a group, the project will be embodied all the more easily as the desires, wills and efforts are all oriented in the same direction and sufficiently in phase.

A disorganized resistance, without practically any cooperation between the different groups and tendencies, is comparable to a set of thoughts seeking to materialize a project in a chaotic, anarchic or unstructured way. Energy is dispersed in all directions and no large-scale project can see the light of day. The resistance then remains automatically weak and without real power of action against the technocratic dictatorship. It can be easily crushed. It is only a matter of time for it to be flattened by the steamroller of normalization, single thought, Orwellian language and complete reversal of values.

Our time will escape the dictatorship of the New World Order in only two possible ways. The first is a miraculous, divine or alienating intervention. For everyone to estimate if this is likely or very unlikely. The second (which does not preclude the former and may be useful pending its eventuality) is the realization of a federation or union of all groups and all individuals belonging in a way or another one with resistance current. Whatever the nature and definition of these groups, regardless of the individuals, their religion, their political orientation, their ethnicity, their profession, etc., they gain to seek cooperation, the meeting on the essential (setting aside the differences generally coming from material but non-fundamental details), and synergy in common projects … All these individuals who are resistant to oppression and excessive materialism, whether or not they belong to more or less structured groups, have something fundamental in common and able to unite: their consciousness.

The awareness of what is right, good, beautiful, true … is universally recognized by all who are inhabited by it. The differences come only from the personality of the individuals, the concrete details on which they still cling, but not from their consciousness. It is the latter that will enable them to unite and truly face adversity, for the ultimate goal of a delivered and regenerated Earth.

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[…] How to Unite […]

[…] How to Unite […]