Effects Of Censorship

Censorship is an attack on the free flow of knowledge, information or opinion expressed in one form or another (written, verbal, visual …). It represents a blockage of the transmission of mental energies between individuals. It can therefore be responsible for damages both for the issuer and for those who can no longer receive the issued knowledge, information or opinion.

For the transmitter trying to spread knowledge, information or opinion, censorship can cause frustration, anger or other negative emotions. In the long term, it can lead to health problems if the sensory response is not sublimated or transcended by forgiveness for censors or acceptance of the limiting condition (which can be perceived constructively as a challenge).

On the other hand, those who could or should have received the information obviously do not benefit from it. In extreme cases, censorship can endanger them or increase their vulnerability. This is particularly the case if they are not specifically informed, for example, of the arrival of a tsunami or a tropical storm.

On a more occult or deeper plane, as every time an energy cannot flow freely, the nature or the spirit will look for a means of circumvention. And the more secure information is vital, the greater will be the will applied to disseminate it in any other way. By analogy, if you put a dyke to divert the course of a river, this last will find another way. If it is blocked with a dam, it will accumulate again and again until it can be broken (in practice, the hydraulic dams do not completely block the flow. The part that is allowed to flow is that which is used to transform the energy into electricity).

Censors may also be tempted to divert a flow of information or knowledge to recover energy for their own benefit and for their own purposes. But the issuer as well as the receivers can perceive this and deliver new information accordingly.

However, knowledge can only be blocked, stifled, diverted or distorted in a limited way in time and space. The nature or the spirit of man will always allow him to discover new means of transmitting it, and this in a way more and more just and appropriate.

At worst, a relentless censorship maintained over a long period and over a vast space (such as the entire planet) could even force the human species to develop its telepathic faculties for the moment unconscious or embryonic. In any case, censorship brings new awareness and new collective and individual capacities. And it ends up turning against its authors whose true nature is then revealed.

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