Critical Mass

If 3.5% of a population is enough to overthrow a government with a nonviolent movement (see Erica Chenoweth), what percentage is needed to overthrow a system? What proportion of human beings acting in the same direction will be needed to bring down the New World Order, which seems to be nearing completion? If 3.5% is enough for a government, one can think that such a critical mass can also be enough for a system. However, a government is only the tip of the iceberg that is a system.


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The modern system extended to practically the entire planet includes not only the political organization of nations, but also social, economic, industrial, educational, military, judicial, and other organizations. Almost all of these organizations are based on competition, hierarchy, inequality, financial exchanges and ultimately on power struggles. What critical mass would be sufficient to move to a new system based instead on sharing, lack of hierarchies, synergy, equal treatment, free and fraternity?

In an imagery way, changing government is like cutting a little or decorating the tip of an iceberg differently. To radically change the system is to melt the iceberg and then cool the corresponding liquid mass to freeze it in a whole new form. In the case of the change of government, a relatively small amount of energy is sufficient. This is in a way the product of individual energies and of the number of mobilized individuals. 3.5% of a population may suffice if each involved individual mobilizes a sufficient and sustained amount of energy in the desired direction of change. The strength of character, the will, the consciousness of the individual participate in the energy that he can mobilize.

In the case of a complete system change, melting and recreating the iceberg requires a significantly larger total amount of energy than that required by a change of government. This implies either a greater number of participants (and therefore much more than just 3.5% of a population), or a strength of character, will and consciousness that is significantly higher on average for each mobilized individual, or even a combination of both.

Greater strength (of character, will, consciousness and awareness) can produce greater work, provide more energy in the desired direction. An individual who can deliver such an excess of strength compared to the average can only do so because he has more power. This can come from different sources:

  • fans or followers who give him some of their own energy through their devotion (in the case of a leader);
  • the very Spirit of the individual (his spiritual and divine part, his faith) …;
  • invisible entities of different natures (some of which may require service or sacrifice in return).

The critical mass or proportion of the world population needed for a complete system or paradigm change will therefore depend on the quality of the involved individuals (in particular their character, their will, their awareness and their consciousness) and possibly the invisible entities that intervene. And from this last point of view, the results can be very different depending on whether we are dealing with evil entities (satanic or demonic) or otherwise beneficial or divine (angelic, or downright the very Source of Creation or the Big Bang – alias God).


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