Long Live the Shoveling Snow!

In Quebec, shoveling snow is a normal practice for common people who are lucky or unfortunate enough to live in a house, even when they have a snowblower that is not out of order. This one is indeed not very effective to remove the snow from the stairs or narrow paths and even less the ice barrier left at the entrance of the alley by the snowplow used to evacuate the snow from the neighborhood streets. And the Quebec winter has the annoying tendency to last five or six months a year. Especially for an immigrant from a country with… Continue Reading


The Cities are the Cancer of the Earth

History tends to show that urbanization has always been accompanied by a movement of agriculture towards monocultures and peasant exploitation. When a city became established and grew into an initially rural area with self-sustaining polyculture farms, in order to survive, it had to put in place a whole process of food supply from the surrounding countryside. The peasants had to produce much more, and in such a way that the harvest was faster. The polyculture practiced on a self-sufficient family farm, on a surface of the order of a few hectares (between two hundred and five hundred square feet), allowed… Continue Reading


Harmful effects of pulsed waves (Wi-Fi, cell phones, smart meters …)

In parallel with the exponential growth of mobile telephony and the use of Wi-Fi, medicine is also seeing such growth in various health problems. It remains to be determined with sufficient probity whether there is a cause and effect relationship between the two. Such a link has already been suspected for several decades. And it will be up to everyone to choose whether they prefer to continue using or not using such technologies. Those working for the big business of telecommunication and computer science generally refuse to admit the slightest negative effect of pulsed electromagnetic waves and microwaves on the… Continue Reading


Let’s stop the cows!

There is a fairly recent tendency to reject cow’s milk and dairy products under the following pretexts: It would be indigestible for lack of lactase (which allows the digestion of lactose). It would be allergenic. It would be pathogenic growth factor (promoting cancer). It would produce diabetes and autoimmune diseases. It would produce many other health problems (Crohn’s disease, arthritis, osteoarthritis, rheumatism, constipation, chronic fatigue) … Dairy calcium is poorly assimilated. The human species is (or would be) the only species to consume milk of another species. The following can be answered: Lactose is almost totally absent from dairy products… Continue Reading



Could the climate be related to some of our health problems, especially to colds and flu? Materialistic science, generally seeking immediate and tangible causes, concluded in recent years in the negative. For it, illnesses such as colds and flu come only from microbes when it’s not from quarter crobes (bad pun). Is science always right? Has it ever been wrong? Has not it already, and even on many occasions, abandoned or transformed its theories? Has it not already, especially in the field of health, sometimes turned back? Let us consider only the examples of fat and sugar in relation to… Continue Reading



WatInFood is a free software running on Windows or Apple. It makes it easy to determine the nutritional value of food products sold in Canada. WatInFood Importante note: to work, the software requires the presence of Java (www.java.com) on the system. The app does not have a certificate and may need to temporarily change access rights to allow its launch (in the system security settings). 1 – Download Isydata Freeware : WatInFood FR & US Apple® 10.7+, Windows® 7+ (2.6 Mb) English and French versions 2 – Extract the files Unzip the downloaded zip file, move or copy it to the… Continue Reading


Taking Control of our Health

In the face of the disease, one can adopt at least two different approaches. The first is to see it as a calamity, a misfortune that falls on us, and often therefore something that we will seek to fight and overcome. Fear then often directs both the eventual healing process and the vision of the disease. And when it does, it tends to delay the recovery of health and balance. The second one conceives the disease as the result of causes caused essentially by the patient himself, including in the case of diseases for which bacteria, viruses or microscopic fungi… Continue Reading


Respect for life

A bright future will probably be in the sense of respect for life, possibly in all its forms. However, there is a reality to which human beings and other living creatures of the planet Earth do not escape for the moment: they need to feed themselves and for that they kill in general other species (animals, plants, bacteria, viruses) … Can we at least compensate for or reduce the damage in one way or another and thus find ourselves closer to an ideal of respect for life? Or does humanity have to commit suicide, to sacrifice itself so that all… Continue Reading