Bitcoin and other encrypted currencies: instruments of liberation or control?

Here are some facts about this type of currency:

  • They are purely virtual and do not rely on any measurable tangible counterpart (such as gold or other mineral resources or as energy resources), but on the Internet;
  • Since their value is arbitrary and most often depends only on supply and demand, they are highly speculative and are mostly used in the hope of getting rich with (buying them when their exchange rate is low, and selling them when it is high);
  • At least in the case of Bitcoin, we do not know which individuals are the real inventors, to the point that some people think that this currency was created by an artificial intelligence;
  • As the source code of several cryptocurrencies is known, it is all the easier for hackers to find flaws and exploit them;
  • Bitcoins have been stolen several times;
  • Like anything on the Internet, transactions involving these currencies are traceable and so-called anonymity is a delusion;
  • Big banks like Goldman Sachs are interested in cryptocurrencies;
  • In conjunction with the RFID implant, they can serve as a basis for a global virtual electronic money without which it would no longer be possible to buy and sell.

Consequently, they tend to facilitate control over trade rather than to allow the release of human beings from the current economic and financial system. Such liberation will rather take place when the gratuity is generalized and the use of money (in any form whatsoever) abandoned.

(See also: Accept or Reject the Implant).

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