After the New World Order

Whether we base on the great religious prophecies (Biblical, Koranic …) or on the simple logic associated with the observation of facts and history, the New World Order will inevitably have an end (see also: Life and Death of Systems, The law of degradation or increase of disorder and chaos). We can then ask ourselves the question of his succession. What will succeed this order, this system, this “civilization”? What kind of life will human beings and other terrestrial living beings then know? A small idea of the future may also result from the study of the past and the observation of the present and universal laws.

The conjugation of the continuous expansion of the Spirit or of Life animating the matter and the inertia of the latter produces a cyclic spiral or helical movement of the material or systemic organization and therefore of the consciousness which is closely associated with it. In other words, history may seem cyclical or repetitive, but never reproduces itself identically. The transition from one turn to the next represents a form of evolution of consciousness, a kind of more sophisticated organization, an improvement of certain conditions …

If plant species generally operate in a decentralized way and without a directing head, and animal societies rather hierarchically (ranging from royalist models, as in bees, to democratic ones, as in herbivores or schools of fish), humans have experimented over the ages, these different social models, passing from structures modeled on the plant before copying those of animals.

The New World Order (NWO) thus comes to a hyper-hierarchical, pyramidal, centralized and globalized system in which each subsystem, decentralized from those of the same level, is itself hierarchical and centralized. In this, it recalls the structure of fractals (for example in the administrative division into continental blocks, then into states, regions and agglomerations).

As the construction of this NWO could not be done without the destruction of existing antagonistic structures such as the family unit and the nations, it has for this purpose favored individualism and competition. One of the consequences is that extreme individualism has led to the rejection of the ruling elites. An individual who has reached an individualized consciousness does not accept being led by another, especially when the latter does not care about the interests of others, but only his own.

It is possible and very likely that the NWO marks for Humanity the completion of a great cycle (or more exactly the course of a turn) of the evolution and that its new golden age finds some conditions close to the early edenic or prehistoric beginnings (depending on the point of view), without executive and decisional hierarchy, in a highly decentralized context, but with direct spiritual guidance. The future model of society would then be vegetal as regards the social organization, but animal for the inspiration of this same organization. The new “Jerusalem” would be the symbol of a society guided or advised by some sort of wise or spiritual guides or by aliens, themselves under divine inspiration or mentally advanced one. But these human or extraterrestrial guides or advisers would have no executive, legislative and judicial power. These types of power would also have little meaning in an adult society in which every individual human being would have become capable of assuming his or her own responsibilities and of living in synergy with his or her fellows and with nature. (See also the Manifesto for a New World , as an example of possible organization.)

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