After the Marketing

From a certain point of view, marketing is like the art of lying. We do not present products, companies or individuals, but an image of them. We hide the defects, we put forward certain qualities or supposed benefits, or we invent them outright. And the goal is to sell the products, companies and individuals involved in the marketing campaigns.

Humanity will gain from replacing marketing with a raw and transparent presentation of facts, so that its members know from the start what to do and make their decisions accordingly without being misled on “the commodity”.

The truth about a product, about a society, about an individual or about a situation … is not always pleasant to hear, but how many human beings like to discover that they have been lied to? How many of them prefer to be lied to? And from this point of view, to ignore an embarrassing fact is already a form of deception.

In a civilization no longer based on consumption (in order to enrich a minority of bankers, merchants and shareholders of multinationals), but on a production closely meeting the most basic needs of peoples and individuals, marketing will lose even more its purpose. We will not seek to earn money, too often at the expense of others (this if necessary by creating and selling anything, even the wind, as do the crooks of all kinds). But much more emphasis will be placed on the judicious use of individual and collective resources for the benefit of the many, rather than just self-service.

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